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Our Program
Our Vehicle Donation Program offers you a FREE AND EASY way to get rid of your car, truck, boat or RV. Here's how easy it is: donategif.gif (42129 bytes)
Step 1:    Pick up the phone and call us at
              OR email us at
Step 2:     Make sure you did Step 1!
That's it!
topbar-bottom2.gif (3697 bytes) After we hear from you, we will handle all of the paperwork, and even provide free towing. So give us a call or email us.

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Our Vehicle Pick-Up Service Area
We provide FREE pick up and towing as long as your vehicle is within our service area. We cover most areas between and including Ventura County and San Diego County. Click on the map for a general view of the area we cover. If you are not sure if this area includes you, or you seem to be outside the coverage area, please call us at 310-845-6202  We also have a special arrangement with a company that will provide FREE pick up and process vehicles donated to us nationwide, so please call us.
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Our Local Area
Your Tax Deduction !
  If the vehicle is valued at over $5,000 the IRS requires a complete appraisal report performed by an independent appraiser. We can assure compliance with this requirement also. You only need to let us know. All donors will receive a certificate of donation with the Charity's Tax ID #, the copy of your Blue Book appraisal report, copy of a letter from the IRS to the Charity which establishes legitimacy, a copy of the DMV bill-of-sale, and information on the charity selected
Please consult with your tax preparor or CPA to make sure you are eligible to take advantage of the tax benefits of this type of donation.
We'll Answer All Your Questions
If you have any questions concerning our program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section of our web site. This should answer all if not most of your questions that haven't already been answered. faq.gif (7106 bytes)

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Please Choose The Youth Rescue Fund for your vehicle donation!
Donating to The Youth Rescue Fund will directly help us to provide the services that are so critically needed by the youth we serve. This vehicle donation program is our major source of funds.
If you want to learn more about us financially as a corporate entity and how this vehicle donation program has helped us raise funds, please visit Corporate Report section of our web site.
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ADDRESS: P.O. Box 6340
North Hollywood, CA 91603
  Phone: 310-845-6202  F

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